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The Final Exit (at your event)

You have had a full day of festivites that you have been outlining for a long time. Are you really going to just hop in the car at the end of the night and say that’s it. Having a grand exit to the evening is just as important as the ceremony, the reception and all in between. Think about including the following:

Not only will they light up the night but they will give you a mystical exit as you begin married life.

Decorated Car
Most of your friends will take great pleasure in the decorating and you will have a fun celebratory exit vehicle. To ensure your car doesn’t get damaged in the process it is best to walk through an approved list with your friends beforehand and don’t forget to tell them to add the Just Married Sign for pictures.

Musicians of your choice playing a favorite song or melody
can make a simple exit a mystical experience.

Fireworks (of the professional kind only for safety reason) can bring a wonderous bang to the entry into married life.

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