St. Louis Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography

Madelaine + Mark Wed!

So fun to relive Madelaine & Mark’s special day while editing.  Here are some favs from the big day!  What an adventure we had including a flying person over their heads.  Wedding Days = Adventure Days.  Love it!

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Why Choose Us! Going the extra mile…

As a photographer sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself regarding what you will do to get the perfect shot.  Here is an example featuring the current state of the Arch grounds which is under construction.  To miss all the porta-potties, fences and orange signage, I decided to become one with nature and crouch down in a bush.  Getting low allowed the bushes to hide the construction beautifully.

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Jodi + Paul Wed!

Stunning Bride & Groom.  Stunning Flowers by Always in Bloom.  Check out this beautiful day!

Ceremony: Our Lady of Lourdes
Reception: Chase Park Plaza
Fun photos: Forest Park

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Dysarz Family Portrait Session

In 2010 we captured Francis & Victoria’s wedding day. Since then we have captured two of Victoria’s sisters’ weddings.  Recently we had a fun morning photographing Francis, Victoria and their two sweet girls.  The Kirkwood Train Station & Farmer’s Market were the perfect Americana location for their session.  And what ADORABLE little girls.  By the end of the shoot, we were bonding over a game of chase and the fact that my lap makes a pretty comfy seat after a good run.  So cute!  We are truly blessed to have such wonderful loyal clients.

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Kristi + Andrew Wed!

We met Kristi & Andrew in 2012 when we were capturing another wedding.  During that wedding day, we took several photos of them because they were simply radiant  together.  They loved what we captured so much that when it was time for Kristi to plan her wedding we were honored to be her must have photographers.   She planned, with the help of the talented and so sweet, Megan of Mr & Mrs Wedding Events, an absolutely gorgeous day.   We LOVED the colorful flowers by Mary Tuttles.  And St. John’s Church and Forest Hills Country Club were the perfect settings to complete her vision.  A BIG  Thank you to the bride & groom and their families for allowing us to capture the beautiful memories, and for amazing reviews you took the time to write on The Knot.

Kristi’s review: Artistic Soup is the BEST of the best, truly. Angela was so wonderful to work with; she listens to her clients, is super flexible and will do anything to get that perfect shot. I sent a huge list of example photos beforehand in which Angela made sure I got every pose I wanted. She put me at ease and artistically captured every detail. Looking back on how awesome the photos came out, hiring Artistic Soup was one of the best decisions we made. Thank you!!

Diane’s review (Kristi’s mother): Artistic Soup did a fantastic job photographing my daughter’s recent wedding. All of the photographs are beautiful and the photographers captured the mood of the day perfectly. Angela is professional, responsive, and service oriented. Angela and her assistant captured the images we envisioned, the classics, and added some very creative images too! I highly recommend Artistic Soup!

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