St. Louis Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography

Fresh. New. Business Portraits. Always a Great Marketing Tool!

Severin_04 copyFresh. New. Business Portraits (Always a Great Marketing Tool) for this Dynamic Team of Financial Advisors over at City Place! ‪#‎businessportraits‬ Severin_06logo Severin_08logo Severin_10logo Severin_14logo Severin_16 copy

Business Portraits for Physician’s Office

Business Portraits. Wonderful to do these for this client’s office again.

01_Rottler_Group copy DrRottler_01 copy Person04_06 copy Person08_03 copy Person09_02 copy Rottler_01Lisa'sHusband copy


Fitness Photography. Inspire. Strength. Health.

Fit. Inspire. Strength. Health. ‪#‎fitnessphotography‬005 copy 006 copy 010 copy 012 copy 020 copy 051 copy 052 copy 082 copy 085 copy 091 copy 092 copy 114 copy 119 copy 128 copy

Johanna + Nathaniel Wed

Beautiful lakeside ceremony in scenic Innsbrook to celebrate Johanna & Nathaniel’s big day!

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Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah

Wonderful day with dear family & friends at Temple Israel & Joshua’s private residence following.

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