St. Louis Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography

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Johanna + Nathaniel Wed

Beautiful lakeside ceremony in scenic Innsbrook to celebrate Johanna & Nathaniel’s big day!

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Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah

Wonderful day with dear family & friends at Temple Israel & Joshua’s private residence following.

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Kate + Alex Wed

Alex and Kate are just about the most sweetest couple you could ever meet. And the friends they keep are just the same. Their energy, love, and enthusiasm for life emanated throughout the big day. And they truly were such a special treat to photograph. Probstein Golf Club in Forest Park was picture perfect for their baseball themed reception where they danced the night away surrounded by family and friends.

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Catherine + Charles Wed

Catherine + Charles are a beautiful example of opposites attract. Catherine is from a very large family. She is the second youngest of 9 with 14 nieces and nephews. While Charles is an only child. Charles is the outgoing one. Catherine is more reserved. They complement each other beautifully. And their love for each other emanates. Such a beautiful wedding day with such an amazing couple. Thank you for the privilege to capture it!

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