St. Louis Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography

Willick – Goldman Extended Family Thanksgiving Weekend Portraits

Love being the family photographer for the Willick-Goldman Extended Family! Great times over this Thanksgiving weekend! Lots of be thankful for.

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Alex + Dan’s Beautiful Barn Yard Wedding Album

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Sarah + Brett’s Editorial Engagement Session Sneak Peek

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2016 Fall Family Photos

The Hatlan Family

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The Harder Family

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The Dysarz Family

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The Myers Family

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The Johnson Family

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The Reid Family

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The Hiner Family

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Sweet Meghan’s Mini Session

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The Phelan Boys

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The McConnell Family

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The Harder Family

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The Ahearn Family

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The Lappas Family

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Alex + Dan’s Country Chic Wedding

Beautiful day for Alex & Dan’s Wedding at Three Barn Farm this past weekend! And if you are drooling over, as I was, the sophisticated elegance of what Alex termed her “Country Chic” wedding she may have had a secret weapon in her back pocket given her mother, Robin Sheldon, is the visionary of Soft Surroundings. What a gorgeous and scenic backdrop at every turn. A photographer’s dream to photograph! Thank you Ladies! It was so special to be able to capture this joyous celebration!

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