St. Louis Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography

Sisters. Sun & Sand

For the love of the beach, heat & sisterly love, enjoy these adorable two having loads of fun at the picturesque Gulf.

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Kristy & Tim’s Wedding Collection

Kristi & Tim were married at St. Francis of Assisi by a very special priest, Tim’s brother.  The ceremony was like no other we have ever experienced.  Heart felt and thought provoking with a wealth of history to draw upon.  The entire group including the wedding party and Kristy & Tim’s parents made us feel like we were capturing a family members wedding…so warm and inviting.  Thank you & Congratulations!  We wish you both the very best!

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Emily & Charles Wedding Editorial

Emily & Charles were a wonderful mix of classic elegance, fun and kindness all wrapped into a spectacular wedding couple. Viewing their ceremony site you could be easily led to believe they were married in Rome.  However, be amazed that this gem of a cathedral is right here in our very own historic city.  The Shrine of St. Joseph’s is definitely a must visit for its architectural elegance and truly a photographer’s playground.  Thank you Emily & Charles for letting us capture your gorgeous day!

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Featured on

Our friends at chose to feature TWO of our weddings on their blog today! So fun to relive Kristen & Scott AND Linnea & Remy’s Weddings!

Here’s a little sneak peek:CompliationShot


My Best Food Forward Marketing Imagery

How can you not absolutely LOVE your job when you have the opportunity to photograph people’s most cherished moments AND help businesses with their marketing imagery.  Here is a sneak peek for food extraordinaire and health coach of My Best Food Forward, Kelly O’Donnell.  Want to eat nutritious whole foods but don’t know where to begin?   Contact Kelly.   She is a wealth of information.




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