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Brittany + Adam’s Vintage Inspired Wedding

2019 Meets Vintage. A sneak peak of Brittany + Adam’s Vintage Inspired Wedding Day from the dress to the photo finishing. #stlouisweddings #stlouisweddingphotography#stlouisweddingphotographer #vintageweddingthemed


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Shlomit + Jacob Wed

Beautiful wedding at Temple Israel with reception immediately following at the Sheraton Chalet. Friends & Family from Around the World came for the celebration – Israel to Europe to New York to Creve Coeur.

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Michelle + Ross Wed

Wow! What an amazing day! Here is a small snapshot of the festivities. The Chase for getting ready! Forest Park, Central West End for fun photos with the ceremony & reception following at the Third Degree Glass Factory.

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Ioana + Jason’s Wedding

Ioana and Jason’s Wedding last weekend was a story book intimate gathering at the picturesque Chaumette Winery amongst their closest family and friends. Thank you for choosing Artistic Soup Photography to capture your precious memories! Congratulations!

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Monika + Nathan Wed

Big Congratulations to Monika & Nathan who tied the knot this past weekend at the Chinese Garden at the Botanical Gardens. What a joy to capture their sweet intimate wedding with their adorable baby girl. Great job Carolyn Burke officiating! #stlouisweddingphotography #stlouiswed

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