St. Louis Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography

Big Personality/ So Fun!

Sometimes BIG personalities come in small packages. JUSTIN. So fun! #stlouisportraits #stlouisportraitphotography

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Yoga Sister Love

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Stokes Family Sneak Peek

Wonderful to photograph the Stokes family as everyone was home for the holidays! #homefortheholidays #creatingfamilymemories #stlouisportraitphotography #stlouisportraitphotographer

Stokes_241FAVSM copy

The Wareing Family – Fall Portraits

Come Rain. Come Wind. Come Cold. Didn’t phase the Wareing crew. Fall Family Portrait Success! We made it happen! #stlouisfamilyphotography #stlouisfamilyphotographers

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The Jeffers Family – Fall Portraits

Sweet moments with the Jeffers Family #fallfamilyportraits #stlouisportraitphotographer #stlouisfallfamilyphotos #stlouisportraitphotography

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