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What does it mean when a professional photographer says process & edit?

To a professional wedding photographer the work for a couple’s wedding just begins after the wedding day is done.  Many don’t realize most of a professional wedding photographer’s time is spent in front of the computer processing and editing for hours on end.  The average editing time or 2 photographers for an all day wedding is 30 to 40 hours.  This is without doing special effects or major retouching but just general edits such as the one’s displayed below.

Many times in public parks such as the Arch Grounds especially on a beautiful day there is a sea of people to work around.  Some you can truly work around while others you just know you have to edit out later.  Here is an example of that fix.  Plus a little brightening and lighting of the overall image was done.





This couple chose a absolutely gorgeous setting for their wedding at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was truly picture perfect minus the “horns” growing out of their heads from the trees in the background. Nothing a little editing won’t fix.


0834edit example2



Part of the standard service Artistic Soup Photography provides is to do all these edits upfront so your images loaded to your online viewing & print ordering portal AND the images provided on your Hi-RES DVD are just as the should be…Picture Perfect.

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Wedding Photography: Creating a Lasting Impression

What is the first thing you look for when you begin your search for a wedding photographer?  Of course, you want them to be professional and make sure that they do good quality work, but it is a sense of uniqueness that makes some wedding photographers stand out over others. Artistic Soup  Photography strives to obtain unique and creative ways to make your  wedding photos memorable to everyone.

Here is one technique that gives that added punch to photos:

Front and back lighting of the couple which creates a sort of halo effect around the person(s) in the photo (see examples below). This can be done simply and quickly without light stands but rather by using two external flashes, each used by a different photographer, setting one to master and one to slave.  In other words, when one photographer hits the shutter button, both flashes will go off adding multiple light sources in a photo making it more interesting to the eye.

When interviewing photographers be certain to ask what creative tools and techniques they use to make certain you are presented with a lasting treasure instead of a basic documentation.

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0580backlightv2 copy

A Dissection in Gear…What’s with all that Stuff?

Often as we are photographing weddings guests ask us what is with all that stuff attached to you and why?  So here is a full dissection of gear as well as the reasons behind “The Stuff.”

You will see differences amongst professional photographers’ gear.  Every person has their own individual way to work.  Some prefer Nikon to Canon.  And some prefer light brackets to the modern diffuser options.  Either way works, but despite the nuances pro wedding photographers need to have a certain amount of gear to handle all the lighting situations thrown their way throughout the course of the day; have in their possession professional grade equipment as well as back up equipment; and be prepared to work quickly over an extended period of time.  The equipment does not make the photographer.  Talent and creativity make the photographic artist, but a certain amount of tools in the toolbox and a certain amount of investment in gear is needed to insure each wedding goes seamlessly.  Equipment goes down, things malfunction but if properly prepared it does not matter…a beautiful record of the bride and groom’s special day will result regardless.

Artistic Soup Wedding Photography takes its role at your wedding or event very seriously and leaves nothing to chance.  We are experienced professionals with an educational background in photography, extensive hands-on experience, utilize professional equipment with back up equipment and have a long list of happy customers which speaks volumes.

Give us a call for a complimentary consultation to discuss your big day! St. Louis Wedding Photography is our specialty but we also love to serve destination weddings, event, family and lifestyle portraiture.

Come see for yourself the friendly, creative, and skilled services of Artistic Soup Photography. We look forward to meeting you!


There is More to Photography than P(Program) mode

Let’s face it everyone loves photography!

Friends and family constantly share with us how they have run out and bought the latest prosumer camera (not to be confused with full frame professional grade equipment that professionals use) place it on P (Program) mode, take a bunch of photos and are disappointed by the results. Why?

Well without getting too technical and discussing quality of light, manipulating lighting, composition and an artistic perspective that we have spent years perfecting, one must learn the basics of photography when using one of these prosumer SLR cameras otherwise it is wise to return to a basic point and shoot camera.

However to begin here is the triangle you need to consider when using any type of SLR camera: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO and there is a reason it is referred to as a triangle. You will need to know how they effect each other and how to manipulate them to achieve the desired results in a given situation. Look them up, research them, do exercises with your camera (suggestions to come), buy a basics photo book and next week we will post more on the subject if you would like to check back.

Happy Learning! Artistic Soup Photography

Fantastic Favors

Want to get creative with your wedding favors?

Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

• Personalized photo label wine bottles with the bride and groom’s name and date

• Personalized photo label Custom Music DVDs featuring songs from the wedding.

• Candies or Cookies in a engagement photo session decorated box

• A photo book with a personalized collection of favorite poetry or quotes.

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