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A Dissection in Gear…What’s with all that Stuff?

Often as we are photographing weddings guests ask us what is with all that stuff attached to you and why?  So here is a full dissection of gear as well as the reasons behind “The Stuff.”

You will see differences amongst professional photographers’ gear.  Every person has their own individual way to work.  Some prefer Nikon to Canon.  And some prefer light brackets to the modern diffuser options.  Either way works, but despite the nuances pro wedding photographers need to have a certain amount of gear to handle all the lighting situations thrown their way throughout the course of the day; have in their possession professional grade equipment as well as back up equipment; and be prepared to work quickly over an extended period of time.  The equipment does not make the photographer.  Talent and creativity make the photographic artist, but a certain amount of tools in the toolbox and a certain amount of investment in gear is needed to insure each wedding goes seamlessly.  Equipment goes down, things malfunction but if properly prepared it does not matter…a beautiful record of the bride and groom’s special day will result regardless.

Artistic Soup Wedding Photography takes its role at your wedding or event very seriously and leaves nothing to chance.  We are experienced professionals with an educational background in photography, extensive hands-on experience, utilize professional equipment with back up equipment and have a long list of happy customers which speaks volumes.

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