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What does it mean when a professional photographer says process & edit?

To a professional wedding photographer the work for a couple’s wedding just begins after the wedding day is done.  Many don’t realize most of a professional wedding photographer’s time is spent in front of the computer processing and editing for hours on end.  The average editing time or 2 photographers for an all day wedding is 30 to 40 hours.  This is without doing special effects or major retouching but just general edits such as the one’s displayed below.

Many times in public parks such as the Arch Grounds especially on a beautiful day there is a sea of people to work around.  Some you can truly work around while others you just know you have to edit out later.  Here is an example of that fix.  Plus a little brightening and lighting of the overall image was done.





This couple chose a absolutely gorgeous setting for their wedding at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was truly picture perfect minus the “horns” growing out of their heads from the trees in the background. Nothing a little editing won’t fix.


0834edit example2



Part of the standard service Artistic Soup Photography provides is to do all these edits upfront so your images loaded to your online viewing & print ordering portal AND the images provided on your Hi-RES DVD are just as the should be…Picture Perfect.

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