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Wedding Photography: Creating a Lasting Impression

What is the first thing you look for when you begin your search for a wedding photographer?  Of course, you want them to be professional and make sure that they do good quality work, but it is a sense of uniqueness that makes some wedding photographers stand out over others. Artistic Soup  Photography strives to obtain unique and creative ways to make your  wedding photos memorable to everyone.

Here is one technique that gives that added punch to photos:

Front and back lighting of the couple which creates a sort of halo effect around the person(s) in the photo (see examples below). This can be done simply and quickly without light stands but rather by using two external flashes, each used by a different photographer, setting one to master and one to slave.  In other words, when one photographer hits the shutter button, both flashes will go off adding multiple light sources in a photo making it more interesting to the eye.

When interviewing photographers be certain to ask what creative tools and techniques they use to make certain you are presented with a lasting treasure instead of a basic documentation.

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