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There is More to Photography than P(Program) mode

Let’s face it everyone loves photography!

Friends and family constantly share with us how they have run out and bought the latest prosumer camera (not to be confused with full frame professional grade equipment that professionals use) place it on P (Program) mode, take a bunch of photos and are disappointed by the results. Why?

Well without getting too technical and discussing quality of light, manipulating lighting, composition and an artistic perspective that we have spent years perfecting, one must learn the basics of photography when using one of these prosumer SLR cameras otherwise it is wise to return to a basic point and shoot camera.

However to begin here is the triangle you need to consider when using any type of SLR camera: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO and there is a reason it is referred to as a triangle. You will need to know how they effect each other and how to manipulate them to achieve the desired results in a given situation. Look them up, research them, do exercises with your camera (suggestions to come), buy a basics photo book and next week we will post more on the subject if you would like to check back.

Happy Learning! Artistic Soup Photography