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St. Louis Business Journal – Business Portraits

Be on the look out for this portrait & an article about Dr. Siddiqui in the St. Louis Business Journal #Stlouisbusinessportraits



Fresh. New. Business Portraits. Always a Great Marketing Tool!

Severin_04 copyFresh. New. Business Portraits (Always a Great Marketing Tool) for this Dynamic Team of Financial Advisors over at City Place! ‪#‎businessportraits‬ Severin_06logo Severin_08logo Severin_10logo Severin_14logo Severin_16 copy

Business Portraits for Physician’s Office

Business Portraits. Wonderful to do these for this client’s office again.

01_Rottler_Group copy DrRottler_01 copy Person04_06 copy Person08_03 copy Person09_02 copy Rottler_01Lisa'sHusband copy


Unique Women in Business. Business Portraits.

My profession gives me great enjoyment not only because I get to take beautiful photographs in gorgeous locations but I am also fortunate enough to get to meet many fascinating people. PhD in Psychology and Professor of Creativity.

01TerriGoslin-Jones_075 copy TerriGoslin-Jones_031FAV copy TerriGoslin-Jones_056FAV copy TerriGoslin-Jones_057FAV copy TerriGoslin-Jones_068FAV copy TerriGoslin-Jones_083FAV copy TerriGoslin-Jones_084FAV copy

Viking River Cruises & Brentwood Travel Event

Want to take a cruise across Europe or China?  We sure do after photographing a wonderful presentation by Viking River Cruises in collaboration with Brentwood Travel regarding their amazing excursions.  Below is a little snapshot of the evening’s festivities.

007FAVfix-2 copy 011FAV copy 015FAV copy 017FAVfix copy 024FAV copy 026FAV copy 027FAV_1 copy 028FAVfix copy 029FAV copy 030FAV copy 033FAV copy 034FAV copy 036FAV copy 037FAV copy 038FAV copy 040FAV copy 041 copy 042FAV copy 044FAV copy 045FAV copy 046 copy 049 copy 050FAV copy 052FAV copy 055FAVFIX copy 056FAV copy 057FAV copy 058 copy 061 copy 072FAV copy 075FAV copy

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