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Jenna + Chad’s Engagement Session

Jenna came to us from referrals from several past brides which is always a wonderful compliment.  We had a fun time at Forest Park despite the rain and the couple was so natural in front of the camera we covered a lot of ground all over Forest Park quickly.  It was great to meet Chad at the session and see Jenna again.  Their wedding day in May 2015 is just around the corner.  Look forward to capturing every moment of it for this sweet couple.

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Melissa + Tyler’s Engagement Session

It was a beautiful day for an engagement session. Melissa and Tyler did great! Can’t wait to photograph the Big Day August of 2015.

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Stephanie & Zach’s Engagement Session

We originally met Stephanie several years ago when we had the privilege to photograph her sister Kim’s wedding.  Now it’s Stephanie’s turn and we are so excited she decided we were a must have for the big day!  Stephanie & Zach’s Engagement Session took place in Tower Grove Park on a gorgeous Fall day!   They were both a little nervous at first being in front of the camera, but regardless did great!  Can’t wait to photograph their wedding day in October 2015!


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Samantha + John’s Engagement Love Collection

Featuring…Fun times with Samantha & John surrounded by the beauty of the Missouri Botanical Garden and the place that started it all, Schlafly Tap Room, their first date place.

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Alexis + Max’s Engagement Love Story!

Love the individuality of this unique couple – a true cross between classic Audrey Hepburn-like beauty with a modern rocker twist.  And Lafeyette Square Park is the perfect backdrop especially in the Spring.  LOVE the lush garden coupled with its historic architecture.  Can’t wait to photograph the BIG DAY for Alexis & Max in September!

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