St. Louis Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography

Kristen + Matthew’s Engagement Session

Fun times at Tower Grove Park with Kristen & Matthew.  Can’t wait to photograph their big day in May!

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Alexis + Max Wedding Day Feature

Amazing style and grace. A modern day Audrey Hepburn. We absolutely LOVED this elegantly unique wedding.

Check out Alexis’ review on the Knot: I used Artistic Soup for my engagement shoot and my wedding. Mandy went above and beyond to make sure my wedding went perfect. When my feet got blisters she had band aids on hand, she gave me gold fish when I was starving before the ceremony, sprayed last minute hair spray in my hair and had no problems relaying messages I had for my groom. All of that on top of taking truly amazing photos. She made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. She made sure to get all of the shots I wanted and made my groom and I look like we knew what we were doing! Angela made sure we got our photos in a timely matter and they all turned out great! I will definitely be using Artistic Soup for all of my photography needs.

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Megan + Jeff’s Wedding Day!

Such a wonderful couple on such a beautiful day! A gorgeous Zoo reception with even a special guest, a seal friend, who made an appearance just to say Hello to the new bride and groom.

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Jessica + Nathan’s Fall Themed Wedding Day!

Remember just a few months ago when the leaves were beautiful shades of gold, red and orange. Our bride Jessica loves Fall and she timed it perfectly to have the rich color as a backdrop for her special day. Take a peek and go back in time to consistent moderate temperatures and lush vibrant color. Reception + Ceremony at Bear Creek Golf Club.


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Lauren + Matthew’s Wedding Day!

If you want to view a wedding that emanates personality, creativity and fun, look no further than Lauren + Matthew’s Wedding!  The wedding took place at the Old Post Office Downtown.  The reception was at the City Museum. Such a fun group to photograph!  Absolutely LOVED their amazing day!

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