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New Offering! – Oil on Canvas Wedding Paintings

Drawing from our Fine Art School training we decided to bring a NEW and UNIQUE fine art offering to our clients & place more “Artistic” into our Soup!

We now offer Oil on Canvas Fine Art Paintings from your wedding day.  Imagery taken from your wedding day now will not only be captured beautifully and creatively in a photograph but we will also if so desired take paint to canvas and compose a family heirloom of your favorite image or images from the day to offer a displayed masterpiece of your memorable wedding.



As our photography, turnaround times are fast. Just 6 weeks once commissioned to allow oil paint to appropriately dry.


Pricing: 11 x 14: $650        16 x 20: $800            20 x 24: $1,000

We also do custom sizes. Contact us at or 314.604.6797 for a custom quote.

Photo Example: 0564SM